Weather engine with look-ahead and real-time dynamic cloud synchronization.

Our weather engine takes advantage of all the features of our new weather system and focuses on accuracy... in ONE integrated system. Automatically and dynamically sync 3D cloud model structures in real-time during flight. We have streamlined all processes of controlling weather injection, cloud model syncing, sim briefing status and network mode into one, easy-to-use area.

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The engine dynamically synchronizes cloud models based on upcoming weather conditions.

  • We use metar data to map an accurate view of the atmosphere, therefore synching the proper clouds in-flight.
  • Experience synoptic weather systems while traversing across oceans or continents.
  • Meso-Gamma: Experience isolated storms in the form of super cell thunderstorms with tops near 70,000 ft.
  • Microscale (Stormscale): We now interpret directional and speed shear of winds in the atmosphere. In combination with our 3D cloud models, we provide virtual flyers with rain-shafts, roll clouds, shelf clouds, wall clouds, true scud, and even tornadoes.

Reduced FPS.

Weather profiles are built ON our servers instead of locally on your computer. Offsetting the work to our servers reduces the performance hit on your machine.

In-sim access to real-time weather information.

While in-sim, you can view the closest surface and upper-level weather data by utilizing the built-in menu system.

When submitting a flight plan into REX, you can access the latest arrival and departure weather data while in-sim.

For ease, you can simply select the audible weather briefing option providing a detailed overview.


Weather search options.

Search by ICAO, range near an ICAO, type of weather, weather intesity, visibility, cloud base or wind speed. 

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