Photo-based, natural environment textures, effects & weather ambient sounds.

20GB of natural, photo-based environment textures. Complete cloud system textures, natural sky textures, cinematic sun & atmospheric effects, moon phase textures, lightning/thunderstorm special effects and weather ambient sounds. Standard to high-definition choices.

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Natural, photo-based sky environments.

VBlend - Vaporous Skies

New techniques create a smoother, realistic and natural sky color blending at dawn and dusk. With VBlend and Vaporous Skies, we have achieved more realistic horizontal and vertical day, dawn and dusk fog generation and sky visibility blending.

Sun & Atmospherics

The sun atmospheric rendering special effects are extremely cinematic and will be noticeable through the virtual cockpit, creating even more realism. Sun atmospheric rendering coupled with HDR elements included for use in Prepar3D.

Unique 10-day Cycle Sky Textures

Also included is our powerful 10-day cycle sky textures category. When the Sky Force 10-Day Cycle is installed, the simulator will dynamically load a different sky color transition from sunrise through sunset each day!

Fast texture installation.

Installing textures into the simulator is lightning fast. Install textures individually or create custom 'themes' to install a full suite instantly.


High-definition ambient sound effects.

Dynamic environment sounds of rain, thunder and wind.


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