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Interactive Weather Mapping System

Along with our new IWX Engine, we provide a new mapping system that provides the virtual flyer the tools needed to escape the bad and fly towards the good.

Our integrated interactive mapping system provides 6 weather overlays to allow you to visually sample the weather prior to departure.

  • Precipitation Overlay – Just like the weather syncs systems of today; you can view all the locations of precipitation. Our precipitation does not look like speckled paint spats, but true radar echoes. This overlay is viewable with all other overlays.
  • Winds Overlay – 9 levels of wind from 3,000 to 53,000 feet can be viewed in this overlay so that you can make smarter decisions for better fuel consumption.
  • Temps Overlay – 9 levels of temperatures from 3,000 to 53,000 feet help you avoid potential areas and levels of icing and rime.
  • Pireps Overlay – This overlay lets you read position and data from real-life pilots across the world.
  • Sigmets Overlay – This overlay provides not only US-based but global sigmet data in real-time.
  • Metar Overlay – Utilizing that fact that our servers download the local weather data 6 times an hour gives you the most accurate view of the local weather.
  • Flight Plan Overlay – If you import a flight plan into the Sky Force Flight Center, then a visual view of the flight plan is available.
  • Major Airport Overlay – This map overlay provides a vital point of reference to help you as you fly.
  • Major Road Overlay – To give more detail and help especially to the pilots who like to fly VFR, we provide a significant road overlay to follow.
  • Zoom Feature – Allows you to zoom into the local level and zoom out to the regional level.
  • Precip Opacity – Allows you to reduce the prominence of the precipitation echoes on the various map for easy reading.

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