May 25th, 2018: Technical Update 2 Released!

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Advanced Customization

Introducing the Texture Resolution Optimization Engine. Too many times a user is overwhelmed with all the possible settings to make a simple decision about what size of textures to load into their system without a severe reduction in performance. Textures with too high of a resolution could cause the flight simulator to slow down, and too low of a resolution could give a more reduced visual experience.

We have included our unique Texture Resolution Optimization Engine. The TRO Engine takes the guesswork out of how to get the best experience and performance balance from each flight simulator platform.

The TRO Engine reads several critical elements of your system in real-time and then gives a visual performance risk assessment.

Some of the critical elements the TRO examines are your operating system, processor, video card, RAM total/RAM in use and processes running on the machine. The TRO Engine attaches a rating on these elements and then provides you with the means to make the best decision about the proper texture resolutions to install. Sky Force 3D provides three mode solutions:

  • Manual (Default) – allows you to make whatever adjustments you want.
  • Enabling the Performance Optimization Tool – With three settings on a slider, the TRO Engine selects the best texture resolution settings for Low, Medium, or High.
  • Enabling the Auto-Tune Optimization Tool – This automatically takes all the ratings of the critical elements and defaults to the best setting possible. The engine removes the guesswork.

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