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Sky Force 3D has been developed with compatibility in mind. Other weather and environment products will benefit greatly from our framework.

If you choose, you may still use your favorite textures or weather engine from other packages!

All facets of REX Sky Force 3D are fully compatible with FSX, FSX Steam and Prepar3D versions 1, 2, 3 and 4!


Tools You Should Not Be Without.

Combining the WX Advantage Radar with REX Sky Force gives the virtual pilot all the tools they need to experience the most realistic flight possible within in sim.

The WX Advantage Radar utilizes unique technology to provide the most accurate location of weather cells within the flight simulator. With the addition of new cloud models and the ability to affect microscale weather, a pilot needs a powerful radar to avoid the dangers of the sky. The WX Advantage Radar helps the virtual pilot weave a path to safety.

Adapting for the Future.

REX is always looking to be on the cutting edge. Therefore, Sky Force 3D is ready to adapt to future technology we currently have in development such as Environment Force, Weather Force and Effects Force.

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