May 25th, 2018: Technical Update 2 Released!

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Local & Shared Community Integration

We continue to expand the tradition of providing a connected “Shared Community” within our products. Similarly, to our Shared Community Flight Plans, you can also share your environment creations within the program! After you create an Environment Theme, you have the option to  pass on your creation to the rest of the Sky Force community. 

Or if feeling uninspired and just want to try something new, you can filter through various uploaded environment themes to try out. For ease, we have provided the means for many of these themes to be categorized based on several weather conditions. All environmental texture themes are categorized based on how a user thinks the theme appears in the simulator, such as fair, foggy, rainy and snowy weather, dust and thunderstorms etc.

Fine Tune to Your Liking, Because You are Never Stuck!

We don’t just allow you to upload a theme, but we also allow you to tweak the theme to your liking. You can modify any part of your theme after uploading into your Sky Force system cache and save it under a different name.


Cloud-Based Theme Center.

Control the creation or auto-creation of texture based themes. Save, install, delete or share these themes with fellow REX users around the world. Records are stored within 'banks' and may be accessed by simply navigating or filtering database results, as well as using a search utility.

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